At your invitation I will come to your home and attempt to help with either your dog's challenging behaviour or any simple issue that you would like to address.

I am based in Hove. Within a ten mile radius of Hove the minimum donation of thirty nine pounds applies. For visits further afield in East Sussex, West Sussex or Surrey I will need to ask you to cover my fuel costs in addition to the minimum donation.

Remember -

no help, no donation


About my service

What I do

Hello my name is Brian.

Thank you for visiting my Website.

Many dog owners find they have difficulty in getting their dogs to behave the way they wish them to. My job is to put that right.

I do this in a very simple and effective way.

( At the time of writing this )

Over the last 4 years I have a 100% success rate In each of the 4 years and over the many years an overall success of 96%.

This is NOT because I am the best at what I do. Rather it is due to communication with your Dogs in the language that is used in nature, communication that animals readily understand.

This is also effective with rescue dogs from foreign countries. I have successfully helped rescued dogs from countries such as Portugal, Spain, Greece, Romania, Germany, India and others.

I use a Holistic and Gentle approach which is both Calm and assertive. An approach which dogs crave. This is because Dogs love and need Rules, Boundaries and Limitations. Dogs love a job to do and they love to please their owners.

Dog Psychology will solve any problem behaviours that you wish to correct.

Over the years by using these methods I have helped many dogs and their owners by changing their mental states and so bringing about a happy and content 'Family Pack'.

(Please refer to the Testimonials on my website to see what other people have expressed regarding my visits.)

I will visit you by invitation at your home or place of work with the business owners consent (if you take your dog to your place of work).

My visit will usually last up to 3 hours.

I offer a professional but free service in exchange for a voluntary monetary contribution towards my costs, based on your assessment of satisfaction.

If you feel that I have been helpful then a minimum voluntary contribution of £49 is suggested for each appointment.

However if I am not able to solve the issues I will not accept any voluntary contribution what so ever.

On a lighter note you will be pleased to know that there is no upper limit to your voluntary generosity and appreciation.

Thank you.  😊😊 🐕



No Help with Issues, no voluntary contribution accepted

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