At your invitation I will come to your home and attempt to help with either your dog's challenging behaviour or any simple issue that you would like to address.

I am based in Hove. Within a ten mile radius of Hove the minimum donation of thirty nine pounds applies. For visits further afield in East Sussex, West Sussex or Surrey I will need to ask you to cover my fuel costs in addition to the minimum donation.

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Subject: Patsy,

I have a 4 year old rescued Rottweiler ( bitch ) who had suffered appalling abuse, mentally and physically ( the rescue centre believed she had been baited ). Despite this she is very loving and completely trusting of humans.

Unfortunately, she is much less predictable with other dogs and shows signs of nervous aggression. I'm an experienced dog owner, including this

wonderful breed. For the last 8 months I have attended obedience training with her and she's now at advanced level, very responsive and a pleasure to train, however the unpredictable nervous aggression remains. I contacted Brian after a friend suggested trying a behavioural therapist and am very pleased that I did. As soon as Brian met my dog I was sure I'd made the right decision, we had a very constructive one-to-one and Brian explained to me where I was going right and where I was going wrong and to set clear goals to be achieved to which I am committed. I would happily recommended Brian to anyone experiencing behavioural problems with their dog, or just to understand them better!

Kind regards

Theresa and Paul


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