At your invitation I will come to your home and attempt to help with either your dog's challenging behaviour or any simple issue that you would like to address.

I am based in Hove. Within a ten mile radius of Hove the minimum donation of thirty nine pounds applies. For visits further afield in East Sussex, West Sussex or Surrey I will need to ask you to cover my fuel costs in addition to the minimum donation.

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Subject: Poppy.

My Wife and I have a Jack Russell / Bechion cross. She is a loverly 5 year old bitch, but we have had a couple of behavioural problems. Mainly barking when visitors arrive at the door, and when she meets anyone. Also when out on a walk she has a mind of her own.

We met Brian at his display stand at Holmbush shopping centre Shoreham and found him very friendly and genuinely interested in our dogs problems.

We arranged a date for him to visit.

On the day of the visit we left Poppy in our kitchen while Brian sat down with us and explained about dog and human behaviour and what he intended to do with regards to behaviour training for both Poppy and us!!. We then brought Poppy in to meet Brian and she displayed her normal but unwanted behaviour. Brian explained what was happening and how we needed to resolve the problem, this we did to great effect and were amazed at how she had changed in such a short time. The three of us then went for a walk with Poppy. Brian was looking at Poppy and our behaviour and in no time gave us hints as to where we were going wrong. Again after a short walk Poppy was walking by our side and a real joy to walk with. No more pulling on the lead or misbehaviour. On returning home Brian gave us some homework to do with Poppy and arranged a second visit.

On the second visit we put into practice, at the door what we and Poppy had learnt and she behaved completely different to how she used to, with no barking at last!!!. Again we went for a walk and Brian was so pleased at Poppy’s progress (and ours). It was such a joy to go for a walk for all concerned.

So If you have a problem dog do give him a call, you will be delighted with the results, a donation well spent.

Thank you once again Brian.

Kind Regards

Pat and Tony

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